Valentine's Day Gift Set for Men

Valentine's Day Gift Set for Men

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Give the gift of love to your man this holiday season. Delivery in 1-2 days. Curbside Pickup Available as well.

3 total options available
Love box for him - shown in picture, $99.99
Love box for her #1 - Click Here to Buy
Love box for her #2 - Click Here to Buy

Includes professional brands like @dermalogicacanada @hadaka_beauty @gehwolfootcare @lorealproeducationcanada @afterspa @dailyconcepts @phytomercanada


1 x $40 Exclusive Gift Card
1 x Dermalogica Body Wash 
1 x L'Oreal Hair Clay Gel
1 x Daily Concepts Lip Scrubber
1 x Love Chocolate Box
1 x Phytomer Thirst Relief Rehydrating Mask
1 x Phytomer Ultra Moisturising Polarized Water Serum
1 x Scented Candle
1 x Hadaka Shaving Butter
1 x Gehwol Foot Cream Pouch
1 x Dermalogica Sunscreen Pouch
1 x L'Oreal Pro Longer Shampoo Pouch
1 x Dermalogica Active Clay Cleanser Box

Your Valentine will love our lovely gift, and we can add personalized notes as well.